Dazzling People and New Digs

We met with a dazzling young lady today, who impressed us with her poise, sophistication and earnest interest in what we do. We have long felt that GoNOMAD is a brand that people can understand and relate to, and that the potential is there to push and cultivate our brand on TV, radio and in books. This smiling sensation, Sony Stark, pulses with energy and enthusiasm and a GoNOMAD-sized level of wonder about travel and an impressive array of technical expertise. One look at her website shows she knows what she is doing and our meeting focused on how we can take this baby all the way to cruising altitude.

We envision developing a pilot for GoNOMAD TV with Sony and other brilliant minds, and bring our show to PBS or one of the many cable outlets that are looking for unique story lines about people doing exciting things. Sony has worked in TV for ten years, is an expert shooter and editor, and is perfect to spearhead this effort. We are going to continue to meet and develop strategy to make our vision something we can put on a DVD and she will join us at the Adventure Expo in NYC to soak in all of GoNOMAD’s energy and get a feeling for the travel climate of 2004.

On another front, we’re scoping out an office not far from our current subterranean den, which will give us a face to the public, a clean and bigger work space, and of course, all of the high speed connectivity we’ll need to run the mother ship. Stay tuned, this is getting exciting!