Google Print

Reading in Web Pro News about the latest from Google, the publishing en masse of scholarly books to the web. It is turning the indexers into the content creators….let’s listen in.

Although Google Print is in the pilot stage, the future looks promising. The possibilities of having these incredible libraries literally at one’s fingertips is staggering. No longer will research original text from literary masterpieces considered a daunting task. A few simple keywords will alleviate the majority of the legwork. While this may come across as common knowledge, John Battelle also give another reason to be optimistic about Google’s newest endeavor, “this move clearly puts Google in the category of innovator when it comes to adding information to their index.”

The books of the world have so much more to offer us than the billions of websites. So this move really signals a beginning of a daunting amount of knowledge, science and fiction to be placed at our fingertips.