A 5000 foot deep cave in Mexico

Read a dispatch late last night about exploring. The latest issue of wired is edited by James Cameron, who is more of a scientist than a filmmaker, but he filmed one recently 2700 feet below the ocean. They focused on animals that thrive around vents that spew red hot water from the crust of the earth.

The article detailed another adventurer who explored this cave called Sistema Huautla outside of Mexico City that sunk down nearly 5000 feet, then went on for 20,000 more feet, amid a “sump” of water in some areas and open 10′ chambers in the other. They camped there and explored the length of it, but one of them died when he ventured out alone. The leader, a crusty gent from Maryland, had to carry his dead partner back all the way to the end of the cave some 20,000 feet.