Instapundit, little green footballs, free ipods

I’m catching on to the power and incredible wealth of information that pours forth from the blogger’s universe…and also that people are funny about blogs. I hesitate to recommend that people read this blog but put it in my signature and secretly hope like hell someone will leave me a comment! hint hint. I discovered littlegreenfootballs when i was doing a websearch for something. This site is huge, thousands of daily vistors, and they had a whole photo gallery of the Palestinians showing how they use their kids in the terror war. Photo after photo of tiny cute little babies wearing fake suicide belts and the famous hamas green headband. Basically what these photos showed is that they are teaching a love for suicide bombing and murdering of jews from the crib. It is clear that there is not even a stigma about it, when they grow up, if they’re lucky, they can die in a suicide attack. That just isn’t right.

The other blog that has been getting in the face of politicians is, this one strikes right at the heart of stuff and is equally engaging. a feature in speculates that soon agencies will have to form special divisions just to handle getting their clients mentioned and linked in blogs. The “A” list blogs are going to have much more weight than regular ads….the other triend in advertising is giving stuff away to generate buzz and attention. Look how Oprah gave away those 275 Pontiacs, reaping a torrent of mentions and kudos, (even though the poor winner had to pay their own onerous sales tax) and now the sites that offer free ipods are exploding…i went to the site and signed up, i want my free ipod! according to wired, it is not a scam, they will give you a free one. i’m still waiting.