GoNOMAD.com–Alternative Travel

GoNOMAD.com–Alternative Travel This is the mothership, the raison d’etre, the main event the meat in the bun. GoNOMAD brings together writers, webmasters, tour operators, lodge owners, internet experts and mostly, travelers. All share the interest in getting on with the voyage, setting sail at midnight, waiting for the limo to take them up in the sky, embarking on their journeys, seeing the other sides of the world, hiking around the bend over the mountain.

This passionate interest in travel is what ties the whole thing together and makes reading my email so fascinating to me. People are taking journeys every day, and many of them share their trips and their observations with gonomad. com.

In READUPONIT you can sample some of the thoughts of those who journey far from home. send us a comment about what you’d like to see here.