The Top Ten destinations 2004 is a very well made website full of links and good info. I am envious as they have 92,000 inbound links, which means they are doing everything right. I have often tried to reach the people who run this site but never have made contact.

this snippet was picked up from one of their RSS feeds. we want to add this function to gonomad so that people can pick up our feed and see all of the new stories we add. here is an interesting chart from a recent story in the Washington post about where people are going.

Top Destinations 2004

According to Elissa Leibowitz of “The Washington Post,” the top 10 travel destinations of 2004 are:


1. Athens

2. Bahamas

3. Botswana

4. Bulgaria

5. Ecuador

6. Honduras

7. Montserrat

8. New Zealand

9. Northern Manitoba

10. Taiwan


1. Boston

2. Fort Lauderdale, FL

3. Fort Worth, Texas

4. Golfing in Alaska

5. Hawaii cruises

6. Lake Cascade, Idaho

7. Las Vegas

8. New York City

9. Sacramento

10. Trailing Lewis and Clark