Cruising the Low Countries Next Week with Scenic

low countries, Floriade
The Floriade Festival happens every ten years and includes cable car rides above the gardens in Amsterdam.

Scenic’s Small Ship Journey to Explore the Low Countries

Here is my route next week when I visit the low countries for another Scenic Cruise.  This time we will be flying to Amsterdam, then visiting all of these cities nearby in a big circle from Amsterdam north to Horne then down to Antwerp.

Last year in August I joined a Scenic Cruise in Portugal and got a chance to enjoy the company of Elliot and Jeanie friends from North Carolina and I’m happy to say they are both joining this cruise as well!

Scenic does these cruises with a small ship…just 198 passengers, and a staff who really go out of their way to take care of everything.  The trips are more like floating hotels where the emphasis is the fun activities and sights to see off the ship.  The company has a few buses that follow the cruise ship so when we want to go off on an excursion, the coach awaits.

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The food is also magnificent–and they don’t give you too much. That’s a hallmark, precise plates without a lot of fuss and extra food. It’s all just perfect. I like to leave the selections up to the waiters, they often do a better job than I do in choosing.

One thing I will remember this year is how important my dress code is for dinner. The men on the last cruise, mostly older than I, each stood out with their amazing choices of elegant dinner wear and slacks. I’ll do my best to pack a few extra jackets to keep my style up to snuff.

Even though I was away for almost the whole month of June, this feels like a great time to take off again. I am getting back to my regular travel routine but taking August to NOT travel so that I can enjoy Tanglewood and the many delights of my own Pioneer Valley.

Then I’m setting up a September trip to Czechia, and a November safari to Tanzania.