Making Music Came Back Last Night

I’ve been waiting for the telltale signs that life is returning to normal.  After a year of not making music with my friends every Wednesday, I got the call.  We would have an outdoor music jam soon.

making Music nightThe evening arrived and it was a soggy mess.  I drove over to Rich’s house not sure who would arrive and what the scene would be.  I was pleased to see so many of my music friends replying saying they’d be there.

The appointed hour came around and the rain poured down. I brought my snare drum and brushes so I would be able to fit in well with the guitars and no amp singing.  I was ready.

I knew that they would have to move the music inside due to the weather. But what I didn’t realize was that despite the high rate of vaccinations among our age group, many of the invited guests declined to show up when it was clear it would not be outside.

OK, I guess I get it. Different people are treating this all in different ways. I guess I can’t expect everyone to share my rosy outlook, that they should all just come over and not worry about catching COVID.  We’ve made it this far, so maybe they figure they just need more time.

At any rate, everything went well and I got to put in two requests, both songs by the Traveling Wilburys. Another number that I thought sounded fantastic was the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” sung by Fraser.

I’m hoping that this music will be back for good and that it will return to my Wednesday evening making music plans. I hope that all of my friends will eventually feel safe enough to share the air with the rest of us when they are ready.