Post Vaccine Life Begins Right Now

On my regular morning walk to Sunderland, post 2nd shot.
On my regular morning walk to Sunderland.

Yesterday I had my second and last vaccine shot, so now the Moderna vaccine has coursed through my body and it taught my immune system to fight Covid.

While I was happy to get the jab and had a lovely time chatting with the volunteers at Treehouse Brewing Co in South Deerfield, I should have remembered that there are effects from this.

I didn’t really find out until the next day, today I feel lethargic and out of it.  I decided to just take it easy and not drive to the office. Today Bill comes over to nail down the final pieces of trim and the granite guys come with one little piece that was missing.  So it’s done, and it feels marvelous.

I’ve also accepted an invitation to travel–I’m flying down to Florida’s center for an outdoor-themed press trip, which should be fun. I used to do these every month and it’s been a really tough adjustment to have no trips planned for so long.

post vaccination sticker
Post vaccine life is grand!

But in this day and age who can really complain?  We are all in the same boat, which sucks but in some ways makes it a little easier to swallow.

In other news, I am elated by my newest purchase–the top of the line iPhone with all of the bells and whistles, and since it’s a work investment, I went all in.

I was quite surprised at how badly T-Mobile wanted my business, basically covering the cost of the $1000 phone. I’m very happy I found out about the deal and took it.

I’ve already noticed that cooking is easier in my new kitchen.  That’s because the disposal makes it so much easier to handle food waste (even though I’m still composting) and the area where the pots and pans and ingredients are is very easy to reach. I also love having the extra drawers and having the trash cans all hidden, instead of in view.