Green Space Co-Work: My Place to Go

I’ve been saying it for too many years. It became a drumbeat in my ear, an annoying buzz, something that I wasn’t paying attention to….something that ate at me and made me feel like I wasn’t taking control of my own life. I wrote about co-work in 2016 when Green Space was first proposed in Greenfield.

What was it?


Having no place to call my office, no place to go to do my work that is out of my house.  I know to some this idea of working in a cozy home office sounds appealing.

Yes, you see the snow outside and you put on your slippers and ease your way downstairs to the office.

No shovel, no boots, just the privacy and coziness of that familiar space. But what happens when you just can’t take being alone so much of the day and all of the night?

I’m making a whole new approach in 2020. It’s time to stop beefing, whining and not acting.

It was time to get the hell out of my basement, and so I found a place to c0-work, got out my checkbook and put down $300, covering two months.

Hearing men talk about the Superbowl was music to my ears!
Hearing men talk about the Superbowl was music to my ears!

I am officially a member of Green Space Co-Work, and from now on I have an office to go to, a third-floor perch above Hawks and Reed.

There is a top-notch coffee maker, views of the corner of Main and Federal, and a big table that I lay everything out on.

There are people who I talk to, albeit briefly, and there are people who sit by the windows on their laptops who I have never talked to.

We are all here for our own projects, we’ve all got an interesting story to tell about what we are typing and doing there.

It’s a world of fascinating little stories, and they get to be unfolded one by one, as I meet my fellow workers here in the space.

2020 has started off very well–I’ve joined a new gym, found a new place to work and have even lost weight.

So far it’s turning out damn well indeed!