Hey Nineteen Plays the Songs of Steely Dan at the Iron Horse

Hey NIneteen, a Steely Dan Tribute band, coming to the Iron Horse on March 9.
Hey Nineteen, a Steely Dan Tribute band, coming to the Iron Horse on Saturday, March 9.

A few years ago, I remember coming back from a really fun evening of music at the Shea, where the Dead Collective played the familiar songs of the Grateful Dead.  It was comforting and enjoyable to know the songs, and they chose the true standards, which was even better.  I enjoy tribute bands, and there’s a band coming to the Iron Horse on Saturday who I think will be a lot of fun.

Here is another fun show coming up…Saturday night at the Iron Horse

Hey Nineteen plays the enigmatic music of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.  Here is a link to a video of their version of Kid Charlemagne.  They’ve got 11 musicians to create a high energy show similar to when I saw Steely play at Tanglewood a few years ago, with their bevy of powerful women singers and robust horns.

I love bands that play familiar music, and I love a big horn section. This will be a high-energy show.  This is their second time playing at the Horse, and I think the crowd will be excited to hear these fantastic songs.

The eleven members are:

Dale DeJoy – Vocals & Guitars
Ajay Coletta – Drums & Percussion
Rick Steinau – Bass & Vocals
Doug Siqueira – Guitars
Greg Cambio – Saxophones
Jon Audette – Keyboards & Vocals
Joe LiVolsi – Trombones & Percussion
Dan Healey – Trumpet & Vocals
Kimberly St.Onge – Vocals & Percussion
JoAnna Cassino – Vocals & Percussion
Rebecca Arsenault – Vocals

 This should be a fun show, buy tickets here. www.iheg.com.