New Year’s Eve 2016, Recalling Past Eves and Future Hopes

Last year we spent New Years at our favorite restaurant, Hope and Olive.
Last year we spent New Years at our favorite restaurant, Hope and Olive.

It’s a blustery day on this, the 31st day of December 2016. I am comfortable in the mancave, contemplating blogs I’ve written about New Year’s Eve from year’s past. Here’s a link to my 2010 post, written down in New Jersey when I was visiting family.

I enjoy recounting where I was on certain years.  Two years ago, my friend Laurieanne and her partner Evan had a boffo party up in Lake Wyola, that featured a liquor luge. A plastic ramp that booze pours down…and we loved going over to their man/woman cave–on top floor Laurieanne’s art studio and on the bottom, Evan’s vehicles and tools.

Last year we went to Hope and Olive with Charlie, Jen, Tina and Stanley, it was a lot of fun, and a first. I haven’t been out to dinner on New Year’s in years.

To ring in 2017, we’ll again be joining Jen and Charlie and this time, Bill and my sister Caroline who is driving up to the Valley to celebrate.  I like a house party more than a restaurant, because no one can kick us out after dinner. We can stay as long as we want.

I am hoping we will have the energy to drive up to Hope and Olive for some drinks and dancing after dinner, but who knows? We just might bag out, as we often do at our age.

As I contemplate my life at age 58, in 2016, I am happy with my own life, happy with my business, and with my relationship with Mary, and with my kids lives and my grandkids.  I am happy to have a wonderfully comfortable routine at home and a comfy house that I love.

I go to bed each night and say a little prayer of gratitude for my fortune. Life is good.