A Great Excuse for a Party in the Backyard!

Bill Schmill, sister Caroline and cousin Paul.
Bill Schmill, sister Caroline and cousin Paul.

It’s a rainy Sunday and a rare moment to have a truly relaxing day doing very little.  I just don’t give myself enough of these days where I do little or nothing, leaving chores and work in the dust.  We had a great time last night getting to know two new people in our lives and had a party with Bill, Jen and Charlie, two Pauls and cousin Steve.

My cousin Paul has been dating a lovely woman named Sue Ellen, from Pelham. We got to meet her last night, she was very friendly and we all felt right way, that we had already warmed to her, in such a short time.  Also my friend Paul brought his girlfriend Diane to meet us as well.  Diane is marvelously comfortable in our midst, as if we’d known her for a long time, the same as Sue Ellen.

Both women fit right into our party scene. That’s always a good thing!

Our backyard party was the usual mix, great food, a fire sit around, and many old friends. The reason for the party was in honor of my sister Caroline’s visit, and it’s always my excuse to throw a party when we have out of town guests.  With the fire glowing and everyone comfortable after the big meal, we enjoyed conversation under the stars on a fine Saturday night.  Spotify kept us happily entertained with great music from my favorite playlist, “Starred” and it pleased me when Caroline commented that she liked the tunes.  Yeah!