Losinj, Croatia is my Next Destination

Losinj is off the coast of Croatia.
Losinj is off the coast of Croatia.

I am heading out today for a trip that starts in Boston, then NYC, then Venice. And then I will be joining several other US travel writers when we board a King Air private plane to fly from Venice over the Adriatic to the small island of Losinj, Croatia.

We will be staying at the island’s biggest and grandest hotel, the Bellevue, which is shaped in a square with a lovely green courtyard in the inside.

Our itinerary includes some sailing, some hiking, and touring some of the sites in this island, where I was surprised to see that it won’t be tropic temperatures. No, it’s still sweater weather, but it looks beautiful and I’m sure it will be. ¬†Joining me on this trip are Karen Loftus, who I ¬†know from many shows and parties we’ve attended, and Beverly Cohn, who I traveled with a few years back through France.

Not much to share yet but as you’d expect, I’ll post lots of photos and video when we start on the ground on Monday morning. For now, I just hope I’ve packed everything and I look forward to flying tonight. Always excited about that!