I’ve Driven Past The Stables for 30 Years, Today I Ate There

It’s an institution that I’ve never set foot in.  The white restaurant, set back from road, with the big parking lot in Hadley, across from the Mountain Farms Mall.  The crowded lot said a lot. Indeed the place was packed when Ed, John and I showed up for lunch.

Menu for Stables, Hadley, MA
The menu at Stables, Hadley, Mass

We make it a habit to have lunch at different restaurants every week, and this one was new. After a short wait, we took seats at the back of the restaurant, past the counter.  The waitress was friendly as she rang up each customer at the register then they returned to their tables. Old School.

Already I liked it. The Stables menu is an interesting mix…crock of beans and two beef franks?  Turkey Rueben with onion rings?   A side of peas?  CHECK!   California burger with avocado and fries.  That completed our order.

I noticed that most of the customers were my age or older.  Like this  place was for those who’ve lived in the Valley for years, it’s not the kind of place you see ads for.  The prices are cheap, in fact the cheapest lunch I’ve seen in a while. My total, for Turkey Rueben, coffee and tip was $9!

Ed ordered a sandwich to go and the staff reminded me not to let him forget it, as it was on a shelf near our table.  It felt like this restaurant was from another time, a more gentle time.

I think The Stables is one of the best places for lunch or breakfast in the Amherst area.