Interns Are Now Being Trained by Former Interns at GoNOMAD

Today’s a funny kind of day. I woke up feeling terrible and had two new interns coming in to learn the ropes in the office at 9 am.  But I was very prepared–I decided to hire one of my former interns, Danielle Aihini, to teach the two new interns all of the ropes.  She prepared a list of their assignments and knows how to train them to use our system. So far, it’s all going well.

So now I am in bed upstairs and meanwhile the interns are learning to publish stories on the website and publishing new travel pieces by other writers. I am sure they will have questions, but it’s sure nice to know they’re learning what they need to and it can all happen while I”m not even there.

I am passionate though, about teaching them writing skills and many other aspects about web publishing. I don’t think I’ll take many more days off after we get them up and running, because I want to help them become better writers.

My goal is though to have Danielle helping me with keeping track of these interns so that I can free up time to make sales calls and generate more income for our business.  I am optimistic that I’ve made the right choice.