Our Three Houseguests Make a Great Excuse for a Party

This is the kind of weekend I really love. A houseful of guests, in particular, my three sisters from New Jersey, and lots of home improvement, cleaning, fixing up and especially, cooking for a big gathering here on Saturday night.

I am of a mind that we don’t have enough parties–I think Mary would disagree–but I always want to invite people over, and cook great food for them…I want to make a fire in the firepit, and bring people who I love together.

We were trying to think of when we began this fall tradition. For as long as I can remember we’ve always had a fall visit from these three lovely ladies, and it usually has included the same local characters who add so much to the mix.  Bill, cousins Steve and Paul, friends like Charlie and Jen, and usually, Mary’s brother and sister in law John and Toni.  Ed and Ineke have often been a part of the party, along with Joe and Susan.  Paul Shoul and my daughter Kate round out the wonderful assortment.

When we have guests we always have a great reason to clean up the house–and this year we even painted the entryway to make it look brighter and cleaner.  This is the season of my birthday, and I must say that so far, Number 57 is turning out to be pretty sweet!