What’s Up at GoNOMAD This Morning

On a rainy day in the office, there are all kinds of things coming at me.  I enjoy the fast pace of being in publishing–and the connectedness of people reaching out at you by email from all parts of the world.  I got some interesting messages today, here is a sampling of what’s in today’s inbox:

Shirley from Hainan China wants help promoting a new virtual travel tour of their Chinese province.  They want more westerners to know that Hainan is a tourist destination, so they created a tour on their Facebook page.

Chris from the UK wants us to help them promote a new card used to access health care in Europe.  They are reaching out for coverage about this new card and to provide details on who should get it, how they can do that, and what it covers.

Yesterday a woman named Amalie wrote from Houston about a new website they are starting called BarefootGlobeTrots, that matches local tour guides with travelers looking for day trips. We are going to help them promote a contest to win airline tickets to anywhere, to get people to visit their site.

I am also hoping to get on board a few exciting trips–one to Kenya, and one to Lebanon or Spain. And sending a great writer, Andy, to Sweden, while helping Danielle, another young writer, with her story about a recent trip to the Thousand Islands.