Two Down in Deerfield

Two local retail businesses have closed down in South Deerfield.  Sadly, it was a chef-owned bistro, a small celebration sort of restaurant, which could not keep going. The staff was notified by a text, then the next day, they were closed and gone.

When MRKT first opened, it took me a while to understand what they were doing with the place. Then after a series of glowing reviews and good word of mouth, they got some people in the door. But there were too many bad nights, and the money ran out.  So the space that once attracted people to come downtown is no more.  So hard. I think their perception that it would be expensive kept some people away, since that location has always been the ‘high priced dining spot.’

Then out on Route 5, the Final Markdown has taken its own final markdown. They closed up on July 1.  They are an ultra discounter, and a great small store with surprisingly cheap stuff.  They still have stores in West Springfield and CT.  So two big spaces no longer occupied. Just up the road from the mostly vacant industrial park.  And the general store, still ‘Now Leasing’ it’s all just sad.  Our town can’t support many businesses!