KantoorKaravaan Creates a Workplace in a Dutch Forest

KantoorKaravaan, a mobile workplace in the middle of a Dutch forest. Great for those who work at home and need company–like me!

One thing I wrestle with all the time is the loneliness of working at home. Sure, I have total freedom, and yes, it’s great not having a boss, but after a few years I have missed the camaraderie of my fellow workers, the end of the day banter, and all of the stuff that goes with spending eight hours a day with the same people.  I do have my interns, who come in once a week, and my lunch dates, to see my old pals, but it still gets lonely. I found out about something really cool that’s happening in Holland from the Springwise.com website, where innovative ideas are served up every week.  It’s a little trailer parked in a woodland where people can work together. Brilliant!  Read on..

“KantoorKaravaan are mobile off-the-grid workplaces which come equipped with work-related necessities including wifi, coffee machines and conference rooms. The project is an off-shoot of SustainsVille — which has been providing alternative, sustainable, working spaces for creatives in tree houses for five years. KantoorKaravaans — run by The Tipping Point Foundation — are traveling around the Netherlands throughout the summer.

The fleet is stopping at various beautiful spots in the countryside, where they set up a solar powered camp complete with compost toilets and kitchens. Companies can hire some or all of the space for a single workday or longer — the offices can accommodate up to 35 people, and workers can stay the night at the campsite. Individuals and groups are also welcome to visit and use the space: those with less funds can help with projects and activities and pay a lower rate.”