An Army of Bloggers Fans Out to Cover France’s Best Wine Regions

View of the Loire River from the Best Western hotel in Clisson, France.
View of the Loire River from the Best Western hotel in Clisson, France.

Today I set out on a mission, I”m part of a team of American bloggers who are fanning out all over France’s wine regions to share their photos, videos, blogs and experiences. The people who promote these areas chose an interesting range of writers and photographers.

One of them is photo superstar Vivien Gucwa who has a new book out about NYC and is a Sony ambassador who told me her incredible story of walking around NYC and seeing cool things and then just picking up a cheap camera to document it.  The NY Times took notice, and her social media following blew up, so now she’s got 51K followers on Instagram and 1.5M on Google plus. Oh, and 411K followers on her Facebook business page, linked above. Every time she posts to Instagram there are hundreds of comments…the stuff social media mavens dream of.  She is pretty casual about it all, and humble.

These are the kinds of numbers that make brands go crazy, so she’s shooting for Donna Karan and Coach, and she’s got Sony sending her out on paid gigs and shipping her every lens and camera they build to test out. I admire her modesty after such online fame!

I am joining Vivienne along with six others as France’s wine ambassadors and will be touring the  Loire Valley of France. The other wine ambassadors will be touring other beautiful wine regions of France, including Rhone Alps, Midi-Pyrenees, Bordeaux, Champagne and Cognac.

France Wine Travels  is where the posts that we write are all collected in real time. It’s pretty neat to see how diverse the group is and to see posts pop up all day and all night as we write them.   You can even use the link above to enter to win your own dream trip of a lifetime for nine nights touring wine regions of France.

Over the past three days and two nights, we also all collaborated on another site, called 24 Hours in Paris where we shared many different day trip experiences in the same live tweet way. So much fun!