The Roller Coaster Goes Up…and then Down

Do you go from despair to delight, back and forth up and down and sideways?  I am startled this week by how great I feel, how optimistic and positive I feel.  This contrasts mightily with two weeks ago when I was fretting about the weather, felt down and depressed about business, and was flitting back and forth with anxiety.  We spent a restorative week, Mary and I, in beautiful central California, and it began perking up my spirits.

I tumble back and forth from the dark to the light, some times in one day I can wake up positive and ready to embrace life and then I can at 2 pm if all alone, fall into sadness.

One thing I’ve realized is that we all do this–these cycles of joy, and despair and back to joy are part of the rhythm of life. We just hope that we can tilt toward the happy dances more frequently. I think I do know what helps to tilt it the good way though–for me it has to do with feeling solid about business, planning upcoming trips, and not letting myself get caught up worrying about health.

Health is the one thing that we all have in common. I often think about how quickly people’s fates change, and how even the most powerful people are powerless about their health.  If you have good health, you can skip and dance, and it’s better than if you had no money.  But there are plenty of people with lots of money who would trade it all to a pauper on the street with good health.  For some reason that still surprises me, but get a scary diagnosis or feel a lump and you might sing the same song.