Where We GOES? To Meet the Customs and Border Patrol

The alarm on my phone began chirping after I was already out of bed, it was set for 5:20 am, but I always get up earlier when duty forces me to rise with the birds. Today I have a mission, to complete a process started nine months ago. I am going to visit US Customs and obtain my GOES pass

A few months ago I applied and paid the $85 fee for this program run by Customs and Border Patrol. This finally gives frequent overseas travelers some relief from the many burdens placed upon them when they return to the US. When confronted with the massive snaking lines at JFK, Logan or another major US airport, there is now a way past the big line. It’s called GOES.

Answer a long, long list of questions, pay a non-refundable $85, and submit to a background check. Then, the final piece of the puzzle, meet with Customs and Border patrol in person at an airport or other designated spot.

A quick chat and hopefully you emerge with the card that turns your boarding pass upon return from a trip into a quick exit to the fast lane at Customs. I am anticipating a smooth ride today as I leave the house at around 6:15 to drive to Rhode Island. I did the same thing for the TSA Prechek program, and now my boarding pass always allows me to take the fast lane on domestic flights already.