Reddit Offers Addictive Saturday Night Reading–What Are Your Favorite Sites?

One of the thing I love asking friends is what their internet habits are. I love to know people’s go-to bookmarks, those sites that they pop over to when their email is already read and they just want to browse, or surf, for fun.  Most people have three or four main places where they spend their time, not on games, I am more interested in what they read.

My favorite besides Facebook is Reddit, where tonight I am thoroughly enjoying a thread about people trying to self-medicate and self-diagnose themselves.  The poster asked “Doctors of Reddit, what’s the worst mistake you’ve seen?”  Boy they got an earful. More than 2800 comments came in, not just from medical docs but people who had heard stories from docs, or people who were medical students or some other way got to witness brilliant stupidity and the disastrous after effects.  One guy chopped part of his toe off with a pitchfork and sprinkled pepper on the wound, another guy lanced a pimple on his testicles after sterilizing the needle by licking it. Eventually he lost his manhood. It goes on and on, start reading and I assure you it will keep you there for an hour.

My routine also includes a site that is run by an octogenarian in Orange Connecticut named Fred Lepides.  He curates “Good Shit” and publishes evocative magazine think pieces, lots of info about the NSA CIA and spying, plus literature, paintings, music videos….oh, and a few tasteful naked women. But it’s one of those sites that has so much carefully curated content that it’s a joy to read every day. I like it so much that I sent him money a few times by Paypal.

Facebook. Good Shit. Twitter.

What are your go-to sites and why do you like them?   Please reply and I’ll put you on Readuponit!