Blogging Is a Challenge and Most People Fail

Hanging out in Bologna
Hanging out in Bologna

Blogging is hard. It’s hard to have a take every day and not suck, as sportscaster Jim Rome implores his listeners to do. I used to dive into blogging with the zeal of a religious convert, I’d read something fascinating and then I’d jump right on and peck out my opinions. I wanted to share the words that had inspired me, I thought they were so clever or well written that all of my readers would want to read them too.

Now I am wrestling with my own lack of inertia. I am tough on the bloggers who are on the GoNOMAD blogs team, I am always wishing the lot of us would post more, and that every time I’d open up their blogs a new post would be waiting for me. It’s sad to open a blog up and see that the last posts were written years or months ago. We’re not at that stage but we could be.

As I have discovered about my own blog, it’s just not that easy. Even my cousin Steve, a voracious reader with so many interesting things to note, has been silent since mid-November. My daughter Kate who also blogs, does it in monthly blasts, no longer interested in regular posts. In her recent posts she popped in words that I would not use in my blog, but then again–it’s hers, not mine, so what say does a father have?

We are getting ready to leave for a few days down in my hometown, Blawenburg, NJ. We will spend some time en route in Brooklyn visiting Mary’s son and daughter in law. A quick trip and there is never enough time to properly relax and see everyone I’d like to. That’s just how it goes.

I hope that in 2014 our bloggers get recharged or else I am approached by a new crop of bloggers who are eager to post something new, sparkly and fun every day. Or not.