The Yotel NYC Gives Me Just What I Need in a Hotel, and Nothing I Don’t

Yotel's foldable queen beds
Yotel’s foldable queen beds

I’m happy to be settled into the Yotel on 10th Avenue in NYC. I have driven by the big purple sign for this place many times and I’m finally staying in my ‘queen cabin’ here in the 25th floor. This UK company has plans for many more hotels, and now rents out rooms by the hour at three European airports.

There are smaller cube-style rooms available but this one is just about perfect. There is simply no wasted space! The bed is one of the types they have in hospitals, a double that bends up into a recliner, saving space.

The TV is 32″ HD, and the shower has generous hot water with a giant showerhead. The distance from the door to the edge of the carpet marking the start of the bathroom is about 12 feet. Then a regular sized bathroom with a giant window. Outside I can see the Empire state building.

Bar area of the Yotel on 10th Ave, NYC
Bar area of the Yotel on 10th Ave, NYC

The wifi is strong, and so is the free coffee they serve down on the 4th floor. They also give away tasty almond muffins, and sell a few other things like juice, fruit, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs. There is a large bar area that is opening up soon, and a terrace with a killer view. Downstairs is a full restaurant that serves breakfast as well as Japanese food.

One amenity I think is especially cool is that you can rent a bike for only $3 from a place around the corner. Then you can download their app and find all sorts of places to ride safely.

As I sipped coffee this morning the people in the packed breakfast room spoke in a variety of languages…clearly showing how cosmopolitan New York City always is. The staff here at the Yotel are uniformly friendly…when I had to leave luggage before I checked in, it was no problemo–just like getting a late check out.

View from the 25th floor Yotel, 10th Ave NYC
View from the 25th floor Yotel, 10th Ave NYC

Here is how much I love this hotel. I went downstairs and booked another night, the rate for this room was $129 plus tax. A great deal. I also reserved a room for a weekend in February that was about $200. But for it’s convenient location and all of these helpful amenities, this┬áplace can’t be beat. corner of 10th Avenue and 44th street.

Look for the giant purple wall sign!

It's easy to get around the Yotel, these signs are like the vibe--cool Britania.

It’s easy to get around the Yotel, these signs are like the vibe–cool Britania.Street.