Inka Spends a Dreamy Afternoon Chasing Almonds in Alfarnatejo

Foraging for almonds in rural Spain.

Every day I delve into another place.  As I comb through my vast inbox full of travel stories, I go to wherever the story is located.  Today I enjoyed a lunch with enough good wine to make me sleepy rural  Alfarnatejo Spain, where Inka Piegsa-Quischotte took a food tour.  It’s a tiny village of about 340 souls and they broke the tour participants into two groups, so each could savor a meal in a local kitchen.

It’s fun to read stories written by enthusiastic travelers, that’s why I enjoyed reading this story and looking at the photos.  Here is how Inka describes it.  ”

Next to the olive trees grow fields and fields of almonds. It is nearly harvest time and we had great fun, pilfering a few trees, cracking open the almonds on rocks  and rolling our eyes in delight when we got at the sweet kernel. It does make a difference from buying them ready packaged at a supermarket.

Over a mountain pass we went towards our final destination: Alfarnatejo. A tiny white washed village with no more than 381 inhabitants, it’s the smallest village in the south of Spain. The central square is the size of a handkerchief and they don’t even have a policeman.

Having great writers who share their stories is indeed a pleasure.  I’m lucky to have all of this talent in my inbox!
Tonight after I emerge from my subterranean office, we’ll join a throng over in Amherst for the 2013 Downtown Block Party.  Last year’s event was festive and fun, and we’ll join some relatives with small kids in strollers.