Off to an Undisclosed Lovely Camping Area

It’s that time of year. Our annual camping trip to and undisclosed location in central Mass. I think I’d get in trouble if I revealed this wonderful place, so you have to imagine it. There is no car parking where we camp, that’s nice because you use carts to haul your stuff to the sites. So there is no car door slamming and radio noise, just the sounds of the birds and the splish splash of the lake.

Last year we were lucky to have a fellow camper who wanted to cook. So we paid him some cash and he bought all the food and did up a serious series of feasts. This year, more low key. With a new baby our cook isn’t on the grill this year.

I look forward to paddling up the lily-pond filled river and exploring the coast. That’s the best part! We’ll sleep in the new tent Mary got, after last year when I got seriously claustrophobic in that small pup and freaked out. This new one is ten feet high!