Working at Home Gets Better–and It’s Great Working with Family

I’m sort of adjusting to this working out of the home thing. Perhaps that’s because I don’t have any viable alternative—there is no office to go to, and so, work begins and ends right here.

I originally advertised and hoped to get a cadre of people who also want to flee their home offices.  But I never was able, so far, to get enough of a mass of people to put together an offer to rent a place. One which popped up which is very appealing is located at least 30 minutes down 91 at the big building that says Pioneer.

The layout is perfect…a gigantic floor with almost no people working in it. The owner has offered a deal, just $50 a month…but he doesn’t have anyone renting yet and what I am seeking is a bustling place filled with former home workers. So I will wait until some sort of critical mass is reached.

It’s not as bad it was it was a few months ago down here in my subterranean office.  I get to the laundry, I get to cook dinner, and I have visitors who come and go, working with me on projects. Perhaps the best part of all is that I’ve interested in my son Sam in working with me on the website.

Having my son involved with the family business trumps anything. It’s wonderful thinking that this operation will continue after I’m gone.