Off to Washington State, Home of Pot Tourism?

bellingham cvr400
Bellingham, Washington, and a view of Mt Baker.

I am about to break one of my own rules. I usually try very hard to have the last trip’s story up and done before I embark on another. But early Saturday, I’ll fly out to Seattle and then begin a trip to Bellingham and to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I won’t have time to write all about Colombia before I leave, so I’ll be juggling two places in my head for a while after I get back.

I’m excited to finally be going to Bellingham and Vancouver, both places I have had on my travel radar. Bellingham will involve snowshoeing and winter hiking, and Vancouver will bring me to meet a farm couple who distill their own liquors outside of the city. I am planning to bike–though my hosts have warned me to bring gloves. Ok, I can live with that.

I should be prepared, I guess, for there to be little sun out there. I think we take our sunny days for granted but there, they are a lot more rare. When I think about Washington State as a destination, I can’t help but wonder–is a state that has legalized marijuana use now a pot tourism destination? It’s sure worked well for Amsterdam!

Stay tuned, I’ll tell you everything I find out.