One Less Reason to Look at My Phone

PA234824 1
My new watch, made by Skagen in Sweden.

I am so happy to have one less reason to look down at my phone.  The photo explains it, yes I have rejoined the people who wear watches once again.  I was very sad when my reliable, waterproof Swatch finally ran out of battery, and dismayed when a jeweler told me that I couldn’t open the back and replace the battery.

So I’ve been among the legions of the watchless, having to look at my iPhone to tell time.  The world doesn’t need any more reasons to look at phones, already it’s a plague, look around and what do you see? People walking and looking, people at restaurants sitting across from each other staring down…it’s everywhere.

This new watch is a beauty. It’s made by a Swedish company, Skagen, and has actual numbers.  Plus, it’s got the date and that’s one thing I am always wanting to know.  I have my sweetheart Mary to thank for this lovely time piece, and when I had the jeweler remove a link and it fit perfectly, I sighed contentedly.

Because no one needs another reason to look at their phone.