Waking Up Alone, and Delighted

I woke up with one of my ears still plugged up from my three days at Keystone’s high altitude. But I sprang out of bed because I realized, wow, nobody else is in the house–they’ve all moved out!

Seven years of living with a family had meant that I never, ever got up alone, never was able to leisurely stroll into the kitchen bareass, never able to have only exactly what I want in my house, able to throw away anything I choose, to have nobody’s stuff in my way.

After I got over the fact that it’s a little bit sad, and yes, I miss them, boy it’s sure a lot of fun to be once again to true master of my domain. I went outside and propped up my tomato plants, amazed that they’ve survived my being gone five days. I puttered and cleaned, I turned on NPR to keep me company. I was at peace.

But all of this joy of solo living is only temporary. My next move with have my partner joining me here. I look forward to seeing what she wants to do and to have another person’s opinion on where to put the furniture and how to fix up the yard.