Welcome Rain and Pondering Becoming One of ‘Them’

In my country neighborhood in South Deerfield, we truly appreciate this slow, steady rain. Mostly because I live next to a tilled field, and since it was so warm in March, they plowed it much earlier than usual this year. Our window sills and our deck get caked with the fine soil blowing out of that field. Maybe now this will stop with a little moisture out there.

A big step this week….one that I have been considering for many years and have avoided. Nobody else who makes a living publishing a website pays as much as I have been paying for an office full of four desks. They all work at home, and their employees do likewise. I was always old school, having my editor and webmaster and bookkeeper come and punch a clock. Old school. But after ten months of coming into a dark and empty office, I realized…I shouldn’t do this any more.

I’ll move the desks into my basement, my house will be made much more spacious now that the four-member family (my daughter) who live here are moving into their own house. So I’ll save a bunch of money, but I’m a bit afraid of the new routine. Where will I go in the morning? I think the key is to cultivate and encourage meetings at coffee and lunch with fellow home workers around the Valley. When we used to run the cafe, there were a whole bunch of these guys, they’d park themselves in the cafe at 9 am and work til lunch. Now, I am going to be one of them. Gulp.