Shelby Lynne, 24-hour Theater Project: March Roars Ahead!

Shelby Lynne, singer, appearing at the Iron Horse, Northampton, MA
Shelby Lynne, country phenom.

March is an exciting time in the Valley. For some, it’s these tantalizing glimpes of summer, a burst of sunshine and warmth that makes us want to bring our bikes outside or take a walk in the sun. It’s also a very busy time for music and arts events that can make the heart and the head excited.

I’ve been discovering many musical artists lately through Spotify, the program that allows people to share their entire computer’s worth of music with each other. It also lets people see what others are listening to in real time. That’s where I found Shelby Lynne, a phenomenal singer whose every song stopped me and made me write it down on my iTunes download list.

It’s March in the Valley, and I flipped when I looked her up in Pollstar and found, voila! She’s at the Iron Horse on March 25! YESSSS!

Then I discovered my second fav band, Fountains of Wayne, are also booked for a local gig, at Pearl St. on May 13. WOW! Then walking in Greenfield I spotted a poster for a get-together of all the beer brewers of Greenfield, sharing their wares at the Arts Block on the 23rd. Then a reallly fun theater production called The 24 Hour Play, which has the New Century Theatre creating six plays in one day.

March in the Valley, no better time for a culture vulture than being right here, right now. See you in the audience!