A Trip to Doha Puts a Spring in my Step

dohaI have a spring in my step—the kind of spring that a fantastic fun-filled weekend brings around on Monday morning, when we all go back to our daily routines.  This warm weather inspired me into some lawn clean up yesterday, a perfect way to get warmed up for a rousing round of poker games with my old chums.  I got word today from a contact that I will be flying Qatar Airways all the way to Mumbai, and I am working out details for a stopover in Doha.

I like the idea of Doha because so many people asked me where that is. Always fun to travel someplace where people are stumped about where it is, not like when you talk about a trip to Paris and you get one-upped since so many people have their own Paris stories to tell. No one I’ve ever met has a Doha story….so I can’t wait to visit this capital of Qatar, a desert country on the Persian gulf, and home of Al Jazeera Arabic satellite TV.

But before Doha, there will be India, and now my challenge is to find out what sorts of pills and shots I have to get to keep my stomach in good shape on the trip. A visit to Dr. Stuart Rose, in Northampton the Travel Medicine man, is my next step.