Music? The New Standard in choice and playback is Spotify!

Have you heard about Spotify?  Why, it’s simply…amazing!  I can dial in just about any musician I can possibly think of and whoooof! It’s playing every single song that artist has ever recorded. Right there on a super easy to use player. Wow. This changes the equation in music….Spotify is truly remarkable in its scope.

The key is that it’s using everyone’s record collection. It’s as if you can reach out and borrow your friends and all of their friends record collection and play it on your computer. The selection is dazzling to say the least.

Music like this means that I write down the songs I like…songs that really move me…ones that I feel the beat inside about, well, those I’ll write down and buy for my iPhone. So they are encouraging me to buy music by letting me sample almost any song in that artist’s repertoire.  Go to Spotify