“I’m All About Jakes,” Said Shoul. So That’s Where We Ate

For the first time in many months, I chose to dine at Jake’s. It was mostly because my pal Shoul was insistent, telling me that they have new owners, get great local produce, and are sporting a whole new menu. “I”m all about Jakes!” he insisted, when asked about other choices like the popular Roost, or my perennial favorite, The Green Bean.

And so it was that I joined a big throng on a Sunday at Jakes. Fortunately, Shoul had grabbed two spots at the counter, which is really where you want to be when you are in Jakes. That’s right next to the coffee, which the lovely servers continually refill for their patrons.

Jakes offers creative breakfast and lunches.
Server at Jakes: It's great again!
The menu included something rarely found in these northern parts…grits. I am a sucker for grits and these came with cheese, jalapenos and bacon. But I asked them to hold the bacon (a new year’s resolution) and even without this kind of umami ingredients, they were delicious.

While the food was marvelous (even though they overcooked my poached eggs) to me, Jakes is more about who shows up. We were enjoying animated conversation when Jim Stevens showed up and sat next to us.

Stevens is a font of information about local businesses, the casino gambling movement, and a host of other juicy topics. When he speaks, people crane their necks and listen. And of course, on this Sunday he didn’t disappoint.

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