My Goals for 2012

goal 1 It’s now exactly a year since I sat right here on that auspicious date of 1/11/11 and wrote goals for the year.  At the time I was reeling by owning an unprofitable cafe that was sucking the life out of my viable web business, so I remember a month later adding “sell the cafe” to the goals list. Done!

Yes, I was successful in that, shutting it down on June 1, 2011.   On another big goal, I have to punt it again this year. My desire to automate and update our website is again on the goals list, I think this year will be it.  Oh to make my website as easy to update as this blog. We’ll see.

I also wrote about wanting to learn Spanish…and yes, after a visit last week in Mexico, I truly want to learn this simple and popular language so that I can visit more remote parts of South and Central America and speak to people. So that goes back up on the big goals board for this year.

Another goal of 2011 was partially accomplished..I wanted to put in more time and work harder to get more done at the office. I think it’s coming down to that early workout taking too much time, so I am now working out at night.  Fitness was another goal for 2011 and I am happy to say that I went the Y faithfully three or four times a week the whole year.  That is a keeper too.

How about if I wrote a book in 2012? I think  I can develop the chapters. I think it will require set times during the week to just devote entirely to that.  It’s on the goals list. I am going to travel about one time a month, just heard about a trip that will take me to India, new place.  Another goal is to write the stories while I’m on the trip, whenever possible, to get them ready faster.

Approach the local TV and radio about a GoNOMAD Travel Show. Segments, 1-minute or 3 minutes, on travel topics on the radio. Do more consulting for groups looking for marketing assistance.