Going Out with the Men, Spending Time with the Women Make us Both Happy

It’s the weekend, and I’m feeling very much ready to enjoy these two days with plans that take me out with the guys and then, into the big city with the little woman.

I feel it’s important to have our unique experiences with members of our own sex–there’s something about spending time with men friends that rejuvenates and energizes me. Of course I like doing things with my partner too, but I try to set aside nights to do a little of both.

So while she heads up to Wendell to join the decades-old group of pals she has spent many a Friday night with, I’ll head down I-91 and meet up with the men at a local tavern. It’s been a while since I’ve met up with my pals…but I was emphatic that I wanted us to keep our own ways, despite how much we enjoy each other’s company.

On Saturday night, we will dress up a little bit and go out together. It’s a show at the Iron Horse with bluesy songstress Eilen Jewell. When I saw her this summer at the Green River Festival, I liked her so much I downloaded the song she was playing right from the audience. I hope to interview her and you’ll be able to read what she says right here on Sunday.

Life is good.