Storage Wars Unlocked Brings the Players Together in Vegas

Reality TV sure knows how to satisfy. Networks like A&E come up with compelling shows that are simple and hard not to watch, then they program an entire night worth of shows, one after another,  to give the viewers exactly what they want. And last night, the producers threw in a bonus to the Storage Wars faithful. They brought the colleagues who spend their time buying the contents of storage lockers  at auction together around a poker table to chat about the business and their real lives outside the show.

It turns out that it’s just like on the show…they’re actually attending 25 auctions a week, and the only ones that get on the air are the ones with the fantastic treasures. Most of these storage locker auctions are unwatchable, mundane, and the contents inside are far from valuable. How about another box of old clothes and a box of hangers?

Two of the members of the Storage Wars tribe are a couple–Brandi and Jarrod are the young turks. And in real life, they’ve been together for 12 years but they’re not married. They also have two kids.  Dave Hester, the shows arch villain, is really an asshole, said auctionmaster Dan, who still loves the tycoon anyway.  And Barry, well he’s single and he’d love to get a date to take to the next auction, but apparently that hasn’t worked out despite his newfound reality show fame.

The pair of auctioneers are very in love. Dan the portly quick-talker is rivaled by wife Laura’s ability to roll out the figures, and they’re seen kissing and joshing throughout the show. They met at an auction and enjoy every day of their lives together.  One of the things revealed in the show was that many of the auctions are won by strangers and thus, don’t make the cut. Though people actively bid during the real auctions, they only focus on ones won by our heroes; and it was clear that the treasure troves are far outweighed by the mundane hauls of little value. “We go to the dump a lot,” said Brandi.