Seeking the Interesting Local People Who Make Places Come Alive

Eirkik Hitland Johannesen, of Bergen, Norway.
Eirkik Hitland Johannesen, of Bergen

In a few days I’m heading off to Norway. I will be joined by my photographer pal Paul Shoul and we will fly into Oslo then meet some interesting local people, so far we are still setting up visits to meet them.

Whenever I travel I ask my hosts to introduce me to people we describe this way. I love asking people questions about where they live, what they like about it, and where they would take their parents out to eat if they visited.

Some times the dinners and lunches involve people in the tourism business. That’s fine but they can’t give us the depth we want…and they have to answer like tourism people, not simply residents.

It’s fun putting this out to our hosts, and seeing who they introduce us to when we get to Norway. Other places we will see via train through the fjords are Bergen and Alesund. Follow along here, I promise to introduce you to all of these interesting people starting next Tuesday.