Bring on the Beauty of the World, Let Me Soak It All In

What a lovely day to spend in bed, rain pounding down on the roof, reality television silently playing on the wall-mounted TV, typing out thoughts on my laptop. It’s funny to think that there was once a time that I would have been depressed by a rainy Sunday. Today, I embrace it for the well-needed leisure it provides.

It’s funny how life’s experiences temper you and give you a chance to learn to go easier on yourself. I never realized how much money and debt can control a person until I decided to stop worrying about it and instead, celebrate my good health and recent weight loss (stress will do that to you).

Now for me it’s all about the exciting possibilities that loom unforeseen, and wrapping up a five-year chapter that’s had ups and downs, moments of fear, and times that I will always value–standing behind the counter of my own cafe greeting customers and sharing the lives of so many people who made us a part of their day.

Bring on the future, whatever it holds. Bring forth a new sense of peace, a new appreciation for really listening, bring to me the world’s beauty, music and art. I am here to soak it all in, not distracted, not discouraged, but honored to be living in this imperfect yet poignant world at this perfect time.