Tree Killer Deserves the Same Penalty as the Oak Trees Got

An Alabama man deliberately destroyed two huge oak trees at Auburn University after his team lost in the Iron Bowl. Disgusting!

The trees were a gathering place, and a place of celebration. Could this guy be any sicker?

It’s a consensus: everyone I’ve talked to feels that a heinous crime against two beautiful old iconic trees is worse than such an infliction upon a human.

The trees trump us, in most people’s eyes. It’s a fraction of the venom we get over those who refuse to recycle…but it’s a viseral and passionate anger that gets released when stories like this surface. I feel that nature is less guilty, and needs more protectors than any human does. I think that’s why this story was so sickening.

The eco-perp called up a sports radio station, and ended his eco-cide confession by saying “Roll Tide.” Ugh. This guy is pushing me toward wanting an immediate death penalty. He’s out on bail. But something tells me there is a price on his head.