So Many Exciting Developments, In Spite of the Turmoil

It’s an interesting time here in the depths of winter in New England. I have a terrible time in my personal life, being dumped and everything, and at the cafe, the turmoil of the employee churn takes its toll. Today we got a classic employee insult when the woman who was supposed to come in at 12 called us at 11:50 to announce that she wasn’t coming in at all. And she didn’t really care what that meant to us.

But look at the bright side: I come home to the cutest two little grandchildren anyone could imagine, plus my daughter and son-in-law who have humor, understanding, good food at the ready and sympathetic ears. So it makes all of this heartbreak much easier. I am a big fan of extended families, and pity those who are living alone or who are not surrounded by such a forcefield as loving kin.

So I stayed on….meeting with my wonderful customers, sharing stories about the storm, trying my best to make paninis and breakfast sandwiches, and looking with a sideways glance over at my office wondering what calls I was missing and trying to make deals with advertisers while juggling an order at the counter.

But there’s a whole lot of exciting things happening, right now, that I’m much more interested in sharing. Here’s the run down:
*We are now officially on iTunes with our podcasts. There are a few there and in the days to come there will be a huge selection of downloadable podcasts, professionally recorded and very on topic. The first ‘cast is about my Alabama Man-cation, and dozens of others are on their way.

*Ebooks: We are publishing two new ebooks in a few weeks. One will be about Italy and another will contain photos of places in Italy. We are working with a local firm who will professionally design the cover and format it and it will all look top notch. We have thousands of potential topics for our new line of ebooks, and we envision them as the perfect “pre-flight” reading material. Going to Italy? Read up on it and see gorgeous photos to get you psyched up for your trip.

*GoNOMAD Radio We’ve been talking about radio for many years, and this month I finally made the big move. I’ve got a commitment from a local AM news station WHMP to broadcast regular weekly segments about travel hosted by yours truly. Soon these will also be available on the website, and it has all kinds of potential for syndication and expanded distribution.