The Twitterstream Reveals Mayhem While We’re Cozy in the Cave

This is the first storm of the year and it’s been enhanced by social media. Being able to post questions on Twitter and find quick answers about how much snowfall and what else is going on is a real reason this site has seen such spectacular growth.  I just saw a tweet from the enterprising people at the Hampton Inn advertising cheap rooms for people stranded due to the JFK and Newark airport closures.  It might just get some heads into beds!

I am sensing a pattern from my social media grazing…people are happy about the storm and reveling in being prepared, safe and cozy in their cocoons.  One friend posted that he had his generator ready, well I wouldn’t go that far but I share the enthusiasm for folks who post that they have everything they need and are snug as bugs while the winds howl.  Like watching a football game in a very cold place with players scurrying around on a snow-covered field, I enjoy the voyeurism of calamity and cold happening outside while I am warm and cozy here on the inside.