Slowly, he Learns to Type on the IPad

I am in a darkened hotel room typing for the first time on a device that I’ve coveted for months…yet now that it’s in front of me it is weirdly non intuitive …my touch typing skills are useless as I hunt and peck on this flat keyboard, frustrated that I have to hit a key to find my punctuation.

At the Phocuswright show the floor was full of people with ipads and I thought I needed one…need? Maybe that’s a bit strong. As I await a ride to the show hotel, I have time to seriously type for a spell, the saving grace is the intuitive corrrecting that this does just like the phone. I do like that.

This toy is probably better for watching movies or playing with apps than for mere typing. I heard that there is a seven times higher click thru rate from this versus the phone…that could help us since we live by the click.