The Contractor’s Best Friend–Change Orders

As we approach the final weeks of our massive house renovation project I think back about a few caveats that I heard again and again as I prepared, financially and mentally, to take on this task.

One was that it’s always more expensive than you think it will be.  But no, I thought, I am sticking to my plans, I won’t change anything, and it will all cost just what the proposal said it would in July. NOT!

What about that window that I left off the plans…Oops, put that back for $691 more.  I went out to Red Lodge Montana and stayed in a downtown hotel, and after I saw their oak doorway and trim…well I had to have it. Oops, add another $950.

That groaty grimy fan in the kitchen?  Kate tells the contractor to replace it, and oops here comes a $422 charge. But the new fan is spaceage and cool looking. Wow, do these things add up!

But I will be staring at these oak-trimmed windows for decades more. I will be opening up that solid oak door every night as I come home to my well-built man cave.  As I contemplate more of these final details it feels wonderful to have had this all built from scratch. No renovating, just clean new construction.

On November 13 we will have six honored guests visiting–my three sisters and their mates. Then everything will be done, and it will be time to show off this long-awaited space to them and to many other guests!