Going on Live TV with a Message: Take a Deerfield Daytrip!

nate ashley
Nate and Ashley, the hosts of Ch. 22's Mass Appeal TV show. Ashley's using the 'Becker stool' to stand next to tall Nate.

My morning began in Chicopee at channel 22’s studios, where I was joined by Rosemary O’Hagen, Nancy Sadoski and Marc Belanger. We were there to tape our show promoting Deerfield as a Daytrip, and we all had our time in the spotlight.

I was nervous as I watched Rosemary of the Bridgeside Grille make butternut squash raviolis, right there on the kitchen that’s a part of the big set.  She did it all flawlessly, and the little raviolis looked delicious.

My turn was next, and I moved over to the couch. Nate threw a few softball questions at me about what there is to do in Deerfield, and from there it was an easy coast. I kept looking at Nate and wondering if I should be looking at the camera, though the TeleprompTer he was reading off of had no lines for me to recite.

Then Nancy came on and talked about her Polish pottery,  again, with no mistakes and smooth delivery. Finally Marc Belanger rounded out the talk with some words about what’s up in Historic Deerfield.

It was a great moment mostly because of how proud I was to have organized our group here in this tiny town to come this far. We were promoting our town on live TV to an audience of thousands.  Towns as large as Northampton and Amherst haven’t done this, yet here we were, on TV with a cohesive group backed by a comprehensive tourist website.

You can watch the show on MassAppeal’s website. We will be adding these clips to DeerfieldAttractions.com soon.