Wheeee! A 14-Mile Downhill Thrill!

Bearttooth Bike Tours takes you 14 miles down hill from Beartooth Pass.

We celebrated the last day of business for a new adventure outfit based out of Red Lodge on August 31. As we read stories of our east coast friends sweltering in 95 degree heat, we were headed to the top of Beartooth Pass, in a biodiesel-powered school bus towing a trailer full of cruiser bikes.

It’s Beartooth Bike Tours, the brainchild of Doug and Susanna Bailey, and the idea is radical and cool: They take you up to the of Beartooth Pass and put you on cruiser bikes for a 14-mile downhill wheeeeeeeeeeee!! No pedaling, amazing mountain views, and safety because you’re followed by a big old school bus with flashing lights. Brilliant!

When we reached the Wyoming border up at top, at about 10,300 feet, a snowstorm enveloped us, blowing snow sideways and freezing our asses off!  Love an August gale in Wyoming!  But later on we mounted our steeds and took the long ride down, despite drops of rain it was a blast!