A Bad Idea Involving Cobras Got Worse

The lead was a classic…what was he thinking?  “Local businessman Cai Yong thought it would be a good idea to buy 3000 cobra eggs and then hatch the snakes at an abandoned school building.”  Really?

Today in the Gazette a McClatchy News Service story told a slithery creepy tale of a bad idea gone way bad.  Yong’s plan to sell cobra venom by milking the serpents ‘fell apart when more than 160 of the snakes escaped and made their way into the local village.”

The story detailed how the local communist party officials were more interested in keeping people in a ‘harmonius society’ than actually catching the deadly snakes. People panicked as government officials didn’t do much about the runaway vipers.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in the village of Xianing wasn’t much of a celebration this year, due to the fear people had of being bitten in bathrooms and mah-jongg parlors.